How to choose your rental car for a successful holiday?

The holidays are privileged moments to break the daily monotony and start on the right foot. Renting a car to discover an idyllic destination often represents an economical solution compared to other means of transport, but above all, it gives you the freedom to move at your own pace and according to your desires. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take some precautions and to take care of certain points in order to avoid that the trip becomes a nightmare or a financial abyss.

A model car for every getaway

To choose the most appropriate rental car for your holidays, it is important to define the desired use in advance. Thus, if you have to make many short trips, a small model will allow you to save money on both the rental price and the fuel price. Families can opt for sedans that offer maximum comfort or set their sights on minivans, especially if the luggage is bulky. Off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are the ideal means of transportation for those who are setting off on destinations where roads and tracks are in poor condition or planning to explore sites away from paved roads. It is also useful to evaluate the number of kilometers to go, in order to choose the offer that will come closest to your budget. Whenever possible, opt for the "unlimited mileage" formula, although it is rarely offered in Europe during holidays.

How to find the best deals?

Once you have defined the model of car that suits you, it is wise to compare the offers of different rental agencies. Online services may save your time and allow you to evaluate rental companies in just a few clicks. It should be noted also that rental rates when booking via Internet are often lower than those offered at the agency. In addition to the price, you must take into account certain criteria such as insurance, the options offered or the time of return of the vehicle. You can also see if it is the company that will refuel on your return. If this is the case, you must provide additional expenses for the purchase of fuel, which will be charged by it.
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