Themed car rentals: each occasion deserves the right car!

Car rental agencies often offer their  customers a wide selection of vehicle models . So, customers have to select their favorite cars according to their special occasion type. Occasions differ from one person to another. Also,  sometimes ,you can be in need…

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Car Rental in England: practical guide

You want to move to England and you consider that the best way of transportation in the UK is a car. If you think that buying a vehicle can be expensive, try renting a car in England. Renting a car…

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Do I need insurance to rent a car in England?

Yes you do, if you are not already covered for rentals, add insurance to your rental agreement. Often packages include insurance but it does not cover all situations. If you prefer to play the security card and take extra protection,…

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All you need to know before renting a car in England

Renting a vehicle in England is highly recommended if you want to visit all the English cities of your choice. Read our tips to find out how. Which type of rental vehicle to choose for England? In England, the roads…

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Driving in England : tips for visitors

England has many differences with its French continental neighbor! Language, gastronomy, culture and … driving also, on the other side of the road! Driving on the left: tips and tricks First of all, if you have traveled with Eurotunnel Le…

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How to get a driving license in the UK?

Expatriates or travelers to the UK, if you want to rent or even buy a car in England, the country’s Highway Code requires you to have a valid driver’s license. Depending on your citizenship, Spotahome tells you how to convert…

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