The main precautions to take before opting for a private car hire

The solution provided by the private car hire is virtually undeniable, visit and learn more about peer to peer car rental. All travelers are seduced and do not resist it. However, most of them ask the question: how to hire my car. There are precautions they must take to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Conditions to rent a private car between private

Certainly car rental between individuals is subject to a number of conditions that may vary from one company to another. Some clauses are however mandatory. First, the car must be in good standing and in a perfect state of safety. The technical control must always be up to date. The registration certificate must be in the name of an individual. Historically, car rental involves a constraint such as the presence of a person to do the inventory and to return the keys and recover at the end of rental. What does not pose a problem for a professional renter becomes a constraint for an individual who wants to rent his car while he is in the office or on vacation.

Insurance and the necessary papers

For private car rental, it is essential to consider car insurance. Theft, accident, breach of the Highway Code ... Renting a car to an individual entails certain risks. As part of the car rental between individuals, it is not the auto insurance of the owner who comes into play in case of disaster when the vehicle is in the hands of the tenant. The website includes in the lease a car insurance that replaces that of the owner of the car rented. The cost is thus borne by the tenant, since it is included in the commission of the operator. The subscription of this specific insurance is therefore automatic and mandatory for each car rental between individuals. To formalize an agreement, it is recommended to establish a written contract in duplicate signed by both parties. Thus, a person who wishes to rent a car will have to provide three documents such as his identity card, his driving license, a proof of address.

Some disadvantages of private car rental between individuals

Although rental between individuals has big advantages, this type of rental may have disadvantages. If you rent a car from an individual or especially from a website, you risk availability problems. In most cases, you will need to place an order and wait for the owner to validate it. This can cause availability issues for immediate or urgent rentals. The p2p car rental concerns mostly old vehicles. Do not expect to rent a new and well maintained vehicle. On the contrary, a car rental company only offers new and well maintained vehicles. Apart from certain sites of trust, the rental of individuals to individuals presents significant risks. The most important is the absence of the lease. This can lead to complications in the case of accident or litigation. In some cases the vehicle is not insured, which implies your liability for any damage. Assistance in the event of a problem or failure is also not guaranteed.
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