A guide to private car rental

Your car spends a lot of time parked, why not rent it and make money? But be careful, everything does not always go as planned.


Car rental between individuals has grown rapidly, and if professional rental companies still claim more than 95% of the market, rental between individuals has become commonplace and signs several revolutions in a course. The first is that of the collaborative economy: users come into contact without going through a professional. The benefits are many, but the risks are not insignificant. The first is a deregulated market, with a sector coming out of the radar of the tax services and regulations imposed on professionals, who become victims … or try to adapt. The second risk is to see a company impose on this new part of the business, before transforming into a sharing economy in juicy business. Renting between individuals allows the person who puts his/her car to rent to deal more quickly with an expensive purchase. As for the person looking for a car to rent straight away, he/she will have a vehicle available just next to his/her home, and at an often interesting rate. Visit this website acting, as far as we're concerned, as a great exaple for private car rental platforms: drivy.co.uk/


It has been several years since auto groups ceased to be just car manufacturers. In addition to financing, insurance or short-term leasing, they have recently been interested in new automobile uses, including leasing between individuals. Thus, in March 2016, PSA joined forces with MAIF to invest 18 million in the young company Koolicar. The advantage for the start-up: considerable resources to develop and sustain its activity. Interest for the PSA group: those who want to rent their vehicle have installed the Koolicar connected box in a workshop of the Peugeot network, the owners of a Peugeot equipped with a Connect Box can rent directly on Koolicar, and the group puts a foot in the mobility of tomorrow, which will probably be based more on use than on purchase. This is obviously in addition to a skill already acquired for the majority of manufacturers: the short-term rental, which competes with traditional rental companies with offers often aggressive commercially in networks Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Opel, Hyundai, and Volkswagen…


Rental between individuals is therefore an additional development axis that allows them to control the use and, potentially, data from their products. Tesla has already integrated this parameter for its future autonomous vehicles that private individuals will be able to rent among themselves…by operating exclusively via the Tesla Network!
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