What’s so attractive about P2P car rental

Many private exchange platforms such as Drivy UK have emerged and allow linking between people who offer or request certain services. Now, a vehicle can become a source of income for its owner, via car rental between individuals. This new practice is made possible by specialized websites that allow supply and demand to meet.

The generality about car rental between individuals

Peer to peer car rental UK is a good financial exchange for both parties. Visit www.drivy.co.uk if you wish to learn more about private car hier in London. A small wagoner finds in the rent of his car a way to make profitable his investment, in order to finance the car maintenance or the insurance of his car for example. For the renter, it is the possibility of benefiting from a cheap car rental. While having a choice of vehicle, location and schedules of provision more important than for car rental at a professional rental. Beyond rental in an agency or on the Internet, renting a car between individuals has many interesting advantages. Private car rental is much cheaper than conventional rentals.

Why choose the rental between individuals?

In addition, the renter can enjoy the rental car for a day, for a meeting of a few hours or for an entire vacation. Then, registration on a rental site greatly simplifies the task. Filters and advanced search tools help you find the right vehicle for you. Some exchange platforms between individuals provide all the details of the rental vehicle and even offer leases and additional insurance. This type of rental is also characterized by great flexibility. In fact, you can rent a vehicle online or meet a rental company when you want it outside the regular schedules of rental agencies. The availability of cars is also a positive point to consider. Indeed, some renters offer the delivery of rental vehicles by agreeing with the tenant. You can rent a car and receive it near you.

Insurance and car rental between individuals

Regarding private car rental UK, some companies provide vehicles for the duration of the rental. But be careful to inform yourself about the insurance offered by these intermediaries. It is important to check whether this insurance for private hire covers all drivers without exception and whether it covers vehicles without conditions. In the majority of cases, private car rental intermediaries offer all-accident insurance. These companies guarantee compulsory civil liability and cover the material damage to the vehicle as well as the risk of fire and theft. Insurance contracts generally provide for compensation limits and a deductible the amount of which remains the responsibility of the driver.
How about a P2P car rental to tour London during your holiday there?
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