Car rental: how to get the best car rental deals?

Traveling with a rental car is always tempting. Indeed, it avoids not only the hassle with public transport, but also the carrying of heavy luggage. In order to spend pleasant holidays, how to avoid unpleasant surprises? Here are practical tips for a cheap car rental abroad or at least at the best price / quality ratio according to your needs in terms of guarantees, options and insurance. So, how to rent a cheap car? The variety of offers allows you to find your provider by taking the time to consult the terms of the sale before booking and signing the lease contract. The car rental agencies, at least the big ones, always offer an excellent price to those who choose to book online. So, do not hesitate to book on the internet.

Negotiate with car rental companies, using price comparators

In order to benefit from exceptional offers from car rental agencies, do not hesitate to carry out a direct negotiation with the car rental companies. By using a price comparator, you get many offers simultaneously for a specific query, but each offer includes conditions specific to the agency. The comparison sites allow you to find the cheapest offer available from a hundred registered car rental sites and guide you to the website of the renter.

Car rental offers: book on the Internet

The car rental agencies always offer an excellent price to those who choose to book online, and even more if it was made a few months in advance. So do not hesitate to book your rental car online. Tip: Beware of low prices, even though they are derived from search results from a quite serious price comparator.

What options do I have to ask for?

  • Baby seat / child seat: If you cannot bring your baby's seat, find out about daily and ceiling prices when the car is equipped with a baby seat / child seat.
  • GPS: Remember to ask if the map is downloaded in advance.
  • Insurance or not insurance: Each car rental agency offers several insurance options. These warranties cover you more or less against property damage, theft and loss to your car. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from your car rental agency.
  • Full or not full of gasoline: the agencies of car rental at the airport put at the disposal of their customers three options: option with full, option to make the vehicle with the same level as at the beginning or Option to make the vehicle with the empty tank.
To conclude, in order to book a car at the best price, we must compare the offers, and check the amount of options. At an equivalent rate, choose large companies because in case of problems, their customer service is generally guaranteed. If you decide to hire a car at the Airport or or once arrived in the country, beware of offers.
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