Do I need insurance to rent a car in England?

Yes you do, if you are not already covered for rentals, add insurance to your rental agreement. Often packages include insurance but it does not cover all situations. If you prefer to play the security card and take extra protection, it is possible for a fee.

Can I rent a car with unlimited mileage in England?

Yes, this option is particularly suitable for long distances. And in England, if you want to visit the different points of interest, you will have to travel a few kilometers! Remember to check if the rental car you have chosen has the formula "unlimited mileage" and also check that there is no geographical restriction.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle for a one-way trip to England?

Yes. It is a formula widely proposed among the hirers. How does it work in practice? You pick up your vehicle from the rental agency of your choice and return it to another one. This "one-way" formula generates additional costs for returning the vehicle to its agency. Three cities to visit in England
  • London, the heart of British culture.
  • Bristol, a cultural and artistic city.
  • Manchester, a dynamic center mixing old and modern.

A tour through England

Start in the South, Canterbury and London. Pass through Oxford and / or Cambridge before heading to York and its cathedral. You can also visit Yorkshire Parks and the Lake District. Continue your tour in Liverpool and then head for Snowdon National Park. Your next stops are Bristol, Bath and Stonehenge. Make a loop in the Devon areas to visit Dartmoor National Park and drive to the southwestern tip of England in Cornwall.

Practical information for driving safely in England

  • Driving on the left requires a little time of adaptation but the reflexes come back quickly.
  • Speed ​​limits are given in miles per hour (mph), not in km / h.
  • There are 3 types of road: M for highways, A for highways and B for small roads.
  • In the roundabouts, give priority to vehicles coming from the right.
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Car Rental in England: practical guide

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