Rent a car: what are the steps to follow?

If you are renting a vehicle for the first time, we recommend you read the following. We explain how to make your reservation and what are the different documents and / or proofs to provide to the agency on the day of departure.

How to book a vehicle?

Many rental car agencies and websites offer to rent your vehicle directly from your computer and accompany you step by step throughout your booking. It is important to note that to rent a passenger car or a commercial vehicle, you must present a valid permit for at least 3 to 5 years (some categories of vehicles may be subject to specific conditions indicated when you rent a car. To rent a car online is very simple. Go to the website of the online rental car agency home page and enter successively your departure city, the type of vehicle you want. The website may  propose at this moment to choose between the vehicles of tourism (small city cars, sedans ...) or the commercials (trucks, vans ...) Indicate your departure and return dates. Choose the distance to travel and click on "Search". You will have access to all available vehicles in the agency you have selected. Once your car has been booked online, you will receive your confirmation by email. You will find information specific to your rental details (dates, package, price ...), in addition to some practical notes (contact details of the agency ...) and a reminder of the evidence to present when taking the vehicle.

Documents and papers to present on the day of departure

During your purchase process, the papers, documents and proofs to be provided will be indicated on the website or in site (at the agency). Please note that these documents may vary if you rent a vehicle under a company. Thus, car rental agencies may ask you to provide them with a proof of address, your ID (and any additional drivers), your driver's license, and the credit card in the name of the holder used for online payment.

Deposit of guarantee in agency

The rental agreement provides for the payment of a security deposit to cover any breach of the tenant's rental obligations. When taking the rental vehicle in the agency, you must be present with the tenant's credit card used for online payment in order to make this deposit. If it is impossible to make this deposit by credit card, you can do it by bank check, subject to the agencies authorizing this method of payment (fees are required as part of a deposit by check). The deposit is not charged to the cardholder's bank account and is returned when the vehicle is handed over at the end of the rental period. The amount of the deposit is variable and depends on the type of vehicle rented (city car or commercial car). You can of course get in touch with your rental agency for any extra information about this.
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