What to do in case of an accident with your rental car?

Each renter has insurance to which he has subscribed, including at least civil liability in case of accident. It is a temporary insurance between the rental agency and the driver for the entire duration of the service; this insurance is included in the rental contract and paid at the same time as this one. The insurance contract may also include deductibles that will be payable by the person who rented the vehicle. 1 / Stay calm and analyze the situation, especially do not run away! The hit and run is punishable by law, so it is imperative that you do not have that reflex! The right reflex to adopt is to stop right away if the vehicle continues to roll to check the damage. 2 / Secure the places Put on your yellow safety vest before getting out of the car. You should protect the area of ​​the accident to avoid disturbing other drivers: clear the road and mark the area with the warning triangle. It is advisable to place the triangle about twenty, about thirty meters from the car. And, switch off the vehicles using the hazard warning lights if possible. 3 / Call for help if necessary You can call emergency numbers which are free; you can call from a mobile phone even if you do not have a plan. You must reassure the wounded, do not remove the helmet of a biker, and give anything to eat or drink. 4 / Complete the paper report Take pictures of vehicles and places, and write down the names, first names and phone numbers of the witnesses. If there is disagreement between the people involved in the accident, wait for the arrival of the police that will take only few minutes. Tip: You can pre-fill the report with your personal data before you hit the road, which will allow you to focus more on the other parts of the report. 5 / Declare the accident to the renter Notify the renter as soon as possible to inform him of the situation. Depending on your car rental contract, you may have assistance or not. If the amount of the repairs is less than the deductible how is it, then the driver will have to pay for the repair costs of the vehicle plus the handling fees that can be attached to it. The penalty: unlike your own car, you will not have a penalty following your accident with your rental car. Indeed, your insurer will not be informed and this will not be included in the information statement requested by your insurer.
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