Car rental tips

Book online or through an agency: costs and benefits

The business travel sector is increasingly adopting online bookings. This solution has its cost, control and CSR advantages, but it’s important to note that not all online transactions are the same: it all depends on how and where you book….

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Car rental: how to get the best car rental deals?

Traveling with a rental car is always tempting. Indeed, it avoids not only the hassle with public transport, but also the carrying of heavy luggage. In order to spend pleasant holidays, how to avoid unpleasant surprises? Here are practical tips…

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Rent a car: what are the steps to follow?

If you are renting a vehicle for the first time, we recommend you read the following. We explain how to make your reservation and what are the different documents and / or proofs to provide to the agency on the…

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When is the ideal time to book the car?

Booking a rental car for your holiday has undeniable advantages. The best advice would be to do it a month before your departure. Indeed, rental prices increase as the delivery of vehicle keys approaches. In addition, this option gives you…

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What to do in case of an accident with your rental car?

Each renter has insurance to which he has subscribed, including at least civil liability in case of accident. It is a temporary insurance between the rental agency and the driver for the entire duration of the service; this insurance is…

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Everything you need to know about car rental insurance

Car rental insurance is essential when traveling; it covers you in case of accident or theft. Nevertheless, the jargon of car rental companies seems to be a little bit complicated, sometimes even obscure. We will help you decipher the different…

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